Mini Gia Bag

Mini Gia

Picture Sardinia.
Now its myrtle, olive and willow trees.
The Gia bag is handmade crafted by local artisans using these natural plants. So you can wear her beautifully, easily (thanks to the cotton strap) and sustainably. Voilà La Mini Gia!

Each piece is unique, please note that there can be slight irregularities in the color of the bags. 

The bag has a mini cotton bag where you can put your precious things.

Made in Italy.

Size Chart

Measures  h 17,5cm x  10 cm.

The bag can hold money and credit card and ID card in the cotton bag. Lipstick, a nail polish and keys in the bag.

Composition and Care

You can easily wash with a common soap the strap and the small cotton bag that is inside the Mini Gia.

Take care of your mini bag, is durable but remember that is made of natural woods.

Size Chart

Find Your Right Fit

We are all different but luckily the soft sport collection is made of stretch fabric that could adapt to your body shape.

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