I'm interested in Holistic lifestyle because I see the importance of looking at the whole body to have answers. I think that you can treat your body with healthy, simple and fresh food to get better. I feel connected with Daphne through her imaginary and her commitment to improving life in a simple way.


What is the first thing you do every morning to get the day off to the right start?
Play with my son and have a family green juice.

With what have you done breakfast this morning?
Green juice, espresso with homemade almond milk, some fruit

If you were invited to speak at a conference and you didn’t have to talk about your work, what would you talk about?

I came from a small and green village in the Piedmont region and it's more than ten years that I live in the heart of Milan.
Sometimes I have the feeling that I need a break, I need a change, I need to go to live in a house in the countryside where I can have a more balanced and calm mind.
Maybe humans are not really built to live in the city, we need to be in contact with nature, we need to breathe fresh and clean air.
What do you think?
I agree! Nature is necessary and healing. It's humbling. Being in nature reminds us that we're a part of something bigger.

I've discovered that having a routine is something great because anchor your during the day. Do you have rituals that help you feel confident about yourself?
I'm very routine oriented! For example with food and exercise, I find structure grounding and productive. It frees me up to be more fluid creatively and in relationships.

What is your goal with Doing Well? What is your dream? I've seen that you also do one to one private practice worldwide!
Yes, my main job is as a holistic nutritionist for private clients. Together we improve their nutrition, lifestyle and overall wellbeing. People come to me for weight management, energy issues, stress and to resolve health conditions etc. I love my work so the dream is to connect with more people. Group classes, a podcast...I'm still figuring out the next moves.

What have you changed your mind about over the past two years and why?
Lately, I'm relooking at qualities I used to think were "bad" like being controlling, judgmental or aggressive. I'm allowing and exploring nuances there. Not sure my mind is changed but it's opening.

What are your tricks for maintaining a healthy diet even when traveling?
Water, lots of leaves and veggies, daily exercise (includes swimming, sightseeing, sex) and joy- enjoy the trip!

Is there anything that you believe in that other people find insane?

What would you write on a billboard in the center of the city where you live?
Stay Human.

7 Small Talks

      • Your everyday uniform: jeans and a vintage sweatshirt
      • Favorite flowers: peonies
      • Comfort food: macro plate
      • Your favorite scent: my son
      • Your restaurant in NY: Home cooking or King
      • The magazine of your heart: The New Yorker
      • Suggest a friend of yours to interview, what should I ask? Anja Tyson. Ask her what are 3 sustainable lifestyle habits we can teach our kids.