A modern and healthy approach to life.


10 Years Ago

Licia Florio is a story that begins with romance.
It was a Milanese romance between Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari. They were young and passionate about all forms of art, daily objects, and how they could be transformed into meaningful pieces that can be worn, lived in, and grown with. Licia quit her work with Marni and in 2010, she and Francio established their label.

From there, the focus of Licia is to create mindful objects, to help people to take some precious time for themself, to help you to see the better side of yourself, and to find meaning within the ordinary.

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Licia Florio is a label based in Milan.

The label presents high-quality 100% recycled women’s soft sports apparel and responsible beauty products.

Licia Florio exemplifies a way to live which is both easy and honest, focusing on a positive mindset, high-quality materials, and functional and minimal design.

Licia and Francio advocate for sustainable and local manufacturing. They are firm believers in conveying a quality manufacturing process to guarantee the transparency of the brand.

All Licia Florio products are made in Italy.


In November 2020 is born a new project of the brand called CIAOMONDO, an effective and gentle method to balance mind and body.

CIAOMONDO is a virtual place where you can practice live lessons of Yoga, Pilates, Kundalini, Barre Ballet, Flexy, Freedom Dance, Yin Yoga, Intuitive Yoga Flow. More than 70 hours live per month taught in Italian by kind and amazing teachers.


CIAOMONDO is your safe virtual space where you can feel good.


Coming back to yourself and grounding yourself to the world. Is that perhaps the key?

Creating creative, personal, and professional practices, opening up a dialogue and expanding yourself to new opportunities is the way.

Licia's objects are meant as life holistic companions which seek to implement the positive power in every person's life.


" I strongly believe that, with a calm mind, you think more clearly, and when your body is strong, you can feel more confident.

I hope that all of these products that I think for you, give you the energy to reach your inner peace, to enjoy and to be in the present moment to reach for the future that you dream of."



The beginning of everything: the first womenswear collection is released and immediately catches the attention of The Sartorialist and the worldwide press.


The release of the first iconic 10c shoe. A lace-free brogue which originated from an old bowling shoe owned by Licia. 


Participation at the Vogue Talents corner in Milan with Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour.


- A dedicated shoe collection is designed for MSGM

- A special collaboration with Hotel Il Pellicano is born and then showcased in Galleria Lorenzelli, during September fashion week.


- Nominated in Footwear News as Women’s brand to watch.

- Taking part of the exhibition at Triennale Design Museum of Milan for “Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana”.


Katy Perry chose to wear at the Women’s March in Washington the Good Genes booties in pink glitter.


A year of new and positive thinking.

Licia has become a Yoga teacher, she started practicing Kundalini, and there were tons of reading, music and new studies.


The rebirth.