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We focus on responsible products,

high-quality materials, the wellbeing of the mind and body.


The idea of having our three small dots as our symbol is our interpretation of the concept of cleaning in what's not necessary.


Hike. Breathe. Meditate. Those keywords are everything to us. Each word is referred to as a small dot in order to shape the logo.


The goal achieved through the journal section is to transform thoughts and ideas into actions that can be absorbed by the reader and actualized in real life.

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A little chit-chat can change a life.
Big Small Talks is an exploration of the lives of many people like us, who inspire and enrich our souls. Our aim is to give you an example of possible living and create a network of beautiful human beings.
Only together, with our skills, can we find new paths. No party can handle us. There are no enemies in the other, just someone we don't know yet. Fear and bias are the worst fuel for anger and envy.
We are humans. We know that great stories can lead an example of improvement. We go beyond genders, sexual orientations, skin colors, religions, beliefs. No more do we need to have minorities and majorities.
We are already human.

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