Ritual - Sage and Basil Nail Polish Remover

Ritual - Sage and Basil Nail Polish Remover

100% vegan

Forget all you knew about nail polish removers. 

Meet the newly arrived in the house: Ritual is a revolutionary nail polish remover, made with an innovative formula that will soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails.

Gentle, effective, and acetone-free, meaning that it nourishes the nail beds instead of drying them out. And, most of all, Ritual is free of toxic odors and packed in a glass bottle. 

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Our high-quality nail polish remover is a cuddle for your nails and for your wellbeing because it's acetone free, it's odorless and it's without unnecessary or harmful ingredients.


Key Ingredients:

Sage and Basil essential oils will moisturize your cuticles and work as antifungals to protect your nails. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps retain the skin's natural moisture.

Instructions for use

Soak a cotton pad with Ritual remover, and gently rub on the nail polish.

Wash your hands if you want to wear a new nail polish color.

Composition and Care

Ritual is vegan, cruelty free - not tested on animals - and 100% Made in Italy.

Propylene carbonate, propylene glycol, salviaofficinalis oil (salvia officinalis (sage) leaf), ocimum basilicum oil (ocimumbasilicum (basil) oil), linalool, limonene, eugenol, tocopheryl acetate.

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