Whether it is a beautiful gesture, demonstrative or irreparable, useful or purposeless, explicit or mysterious, daily, repetitive or unique, the gesture has always left its mark. Do we think only for a moment how many gestures we do every day, without knowing or remembering why?

What we are facing is an (im)possible project: to recover the gesture.
But where does it come from, what does it mean, assuming it means something? And is there a need for it?

There was a time when it was thought that a gesture could change the world (Rosa Parks sits on a bus in a place reserved for white people). Just as beauty is “finality without an end” (Kant), so the gesture is a “pure medium” (Benjamin).

How many hands do we hold to show that we are friendly, that we are not ready to fight? A simple gesture.
My daily gesture is to prepare tea, pour hot water into my favourite cup to start (or start over) the day.

And your daily gesture, what is it?


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