CIAOMONDO Cover - Bancha - 100% Biodegradable


This cover is created in collaboration with Woodd, a well-known Italian brand that works on fun objects. The CIAOMONDO cover is 100% compostable material, which means that is 100% biodegradable in 48 months because is made of natural fibers. 

The color is Bancha with the light blue logo.


Everyday objects to have fun with! A way to match while walking the streets of the world, to speak with no introductions, to join wellness and mindfulness club!


The 10% of this item will be donated to Rete Lenford, an Italian association that deals with LGBTI rights.

Size Chart

For the phone cover and the Airpods cover look at the "select size" option, the other objects are one size.

Composition and Care

Made of wood and laser engraved.

Size Chart

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We have all different body shapes but luckily the soft sport collection is made of stretch fabric that could adapt to most of the body shapes.

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