“Praz, in his will, demanded the original placement of objects, as if they found meaning only by maintaining the order that had been originally given by him. Illusion is the daughter of hope and hope is an attribute always close to life. “
(G. Starace)

“Utz believes that a closed object in a museum case must suffer the unnatural existence of an animal in a zoo.
In every museum, the object suffers from suffocation, as well as from the public’s gaze, while private possession gives the owner the right to touch it, to caress it. “
(B. Chatwin)

“(...) that dark desire that pushes to put together a collection as to keep a diary, i.e. the need to transform the flow of one’s existence into a series of objects saved by dispersion, or in a series of lines written , crystallized out of the continuous flow of thoughts: one’s own days, minute by minute, thought by thought, reduced to a collection: the life shredded in a dust of grains (...) “

(I. Calvino)

Proud collectors “have in mind the idea of the museum, of a place capable of accommodating, cataloging, preserving every variety of that same object. The timid, perceiving a substantial disinterest in their collection, they are ashamed of it, they keep it hidden, trying to conceal the weakness from which the act of collecting springs, because it is the reaction to a pain (...) “
(O. Pamuk)