The Poetry of Packaging.

Licia’s Fridge is all about grounding yourself thanks to arranging what will become part of your meal later. Everything in the fridge is plant-based and has its own designated space, little bag and tiny basket.

Every product is together with its ‘relatives’ family. Everything is covered either by glass or paper.
Everything is fresh and calming to look at.

1. apple juice
2. hazelnut cream
3. fava beans
4. jackfruit
5. turnip tops
6. tofu
7. lemon pie
8. basket with pink salad 9. white salad

10. carrots
11. purple cabbage
12. green savoy
13. Bragg apple vinegar
14. friarielli, green leafs
15. friggitelli, green peppers 16. peas and salsola soda 17. zucchini
18. taggiasca olives

19. rice miso
20. coconut milk
21. tahin
22. banana
23. sriracha
24. pear
25. tonic water for gin tonic