Giovanni Starace - Gli oggetti e la vita - (The Objects and Life)

The anonymous objects, whose history is traced by our imagination, are profoundly human, they are our habitat, a second essential nature to survive.
Objects are part of us and other than us. They give a face and substance to thought. They exist independently of us, testifying to our limitation.

They are companions of our material and emotional life. They absorb the personality of those around him. Objects remember; they receive our warmth and return it to us in difficult moments. With small objects, we have an even more intimate bond.
“The objects preserve the colors and the smells of those moments with more fidelity than the people who gave us that happiness” (Orhan Pamuk)

“Three turnips half an apple and a sad old-fashioned kitchen machine doze on a table not seen” (Sandro Penna)
(Fernando Pessoa’s love for minimal things, without social importance
or practice, futile or useless, things that are nothing but what they are ...)

“I emptied my parents’ house, I liked giving away objects and books; others I threw, sometimes with regret ... “
“Am I one of the things?”
What are the objects made of? What are we made of?


Reflections, questions, ideas and quotations from the essay “The objects and life” (reflections of a ranting of the soul on things owned, emotions, memory),
by Giovanni Starace, Professor of clinical psychology at the University Federico II of Naples, a member of the Italian Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Donzelli Editore, 2013.