What’s your favorite part of the day?
The early bird catches the worm!
My favorite part of the day is the morning because I wake up knowing that I have many hours during the day for doing my things. Mornings give me energy all day.
I love waking up early and having big and wonderful breakfasts. I love to have a walk and breathe the clean air that comes from the night.

How do you reconnect with yourself?
To me, the most introspective and at the same time liberating moment is in the evening, as soon after sunset, when the dark is coming.
I usually am ta home by myself when it is dark outside, and with just a soft light I put on music and practice free dance.
I can also lie down with my eyes closed, I can stretch or to dance wildly, without any judgment, none of mine or others.

What is your favorite scent?
My favorite scents are the scent of the home's laundry, the scent of hot bread while you buy at the bakery and the magical smell of the theater that remains palpable even after you go home.

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Image via photographer Drew Escriva

IImage via Pia Abbar

Marcella is wearing the Classic Bra Spinach and the High Rise Legging Spinach in size 3.