1. Primula aka Primroses. They bring Spring and can also cure PMS. Boil their leaves and drink to improve skin health.
2. Mint. Drink, add, use instead of toothpaste, preparing delicious infusions. Mint is the parsley of beverages.

3. Bergenia. These little flowers have a diuretic function and they cure kidney stones.

4. Ortica aka Nettle. Prepare soups, drink to clean the intestine, use for your hair to make shine. It has high anti-inflammation power.
5. Rosemary. Makes the house and any dish smell beautiful. Use to make a liver detox infusion.

6. Laurel. It improves digestion, treats respiratory conditions and is a natural fragrance.

7. Sage. High in antioxidants and may help support oral health, aid brain function and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Boil with lemon and add some honey or agave syrup. Voilà your digestion savior.
8. Violets. Stir them into soups as a nutrient-dense thickener. The flowers make a lovely garnish, we sprinkle them on salads and add them to cake and pancakes. Violet flowers are also so beautiful when candied or frozen into ice cubes.
9. Rosehip. Decocted petals help fight diarrhea, sore throat and can even be squeezed to prepare eye drops.