For this Gold Friday we thought of the fifth chapter in the book of CIAOMONDO that we wrote: SHARING. 

We live in concrete cities, where there is little nature, where when we walk we are enveloped by billboards with redundant advertisements. Billboards above our eyes prolong their communication from social screens to the city, we are invaded by bags, shoes and everything unnecessary.

What would happen if for one morning, walking down the streets, and looking up at the sky, we saw billboards with motivational, encouraging, reassuring phrases that put a smile on our faces?

We asked 100 people what they would write on a billboard in the centre of their city. 

And you, what would you write on a billboard in the centre of your city? 

Tell us by writing on the billboard that you find at the end of this page, share your story, and tag us on @ciaomondo_liciaflorio 

With love and gratitude,