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Simple and minimal but with a huge impact on the comfort of your moves. A double scoop sports bra on the front, made in our compression fabric. You can wear it for any practice on the mat, workouts, or to go out with a blazer on it.

We give you the best of Italian quality combined with zero waste and 100% sustainability. Made in Italy.



    Made using a premium performance fabric from a renowned Italian mill that is 100% recycled, the elastane is also recycled. We partner with the best, with the only mill in the world that produces this 100% recycled fabric.

    We dye our fabrics at a Bluesign® -certified facility- without the harmful chemicals. We use the most environmentally friendly dyeing and finishing processes, with no compromise on the performance of the fabrics.

    Size Chart

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    Size 1 is a XS - 36/38 IT size

    Size 2 is a S/M - 40/42 IT size

    Size 3 is a M/L - 42/44 IT size

    Size 4 is a L - 44 IT size

    Size 5 is a XL - 46 IT size

    The premium compression fabric will give you high support with every movement.

    Composition and Care

    78% Recycled Nylon, 22% Recycled Elastane

    Cool wash only. Do not tumble dry.

    Made in Italy.

    Size Chart

    Find Your Right Fit

    We have all different body shapes but luckily the soft sport collection is made of stretch fabric that could adapt to most of the body shapes.

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    Everyday Bra - Wave House